"If he surrounds himself with good people, [his lack of experience] becomes less important," Laurie Goodman, co-director of the Housing Policy Finance Center at Washington’s Urban Institute.

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Laurie Goodman. Laurie Goodman is vice president of housing policy and co-directs the Housing Finance Policy Center at the Urban Institute. The center provides policymakers with data-driven analyses of housing finance policy issues that they can depend on for relevance, accuracy, and independence.

Vice President Laurie Goodman: I am most worried about whether we’ll figure out how to increase the housing supply quickly enough to address the acute shortage that is causing affordability problems in too many places.

Laurie Goodman is Director of the Housing Finance Policy Center at Urban Institute, an organization that drives policy change at the nation’s highest housing agencies with solid research and data. Tell us a little about Urban Institute’s Housing Finance Policy Center and its mission.

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"In densely populated areas, land costs are quite high, and it is very difficult to build even high-density affordable housing," says Laurie Goodman, vice president of housing finance policy.

Short Sale Incentives Coming in 2010, Treasury Says A temporary assistance plan to be offered to unemployed borrowers. Servicers required to offer assistance to unemployed borrowers who meet specific criteria. Treasury says forbearance will not cost taxpayers anything. 2. Requirement to consider alternative principal write-down approach and increased principal write-down incentives

Laurie Goodman, vice president, Urban Institute, and co-director of its Housing Finance Policy Institute Hal Martin, policy economist, Cleveland Federal Reserve Rob Chrane, CEO, Down Payment Resource

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Rising mortgage rates, sky-rocketing home prices, and inventory shortages at the lower end of the market are converging to create a new housing crisis – this time for baby boomers, housing.

Housing Affordability: Local and National Perspectives Laurie Goodman, Wei Li, and Jun Zhu Laurie Goodman Co-Director, Housing Finance Policy Center Urban Institute Measuring the Economy, Housing and People 2018 adrf network research conference Innovations in Administrative Data Washington, DC November 13, 2018

"I’ll be watching to see if whatever changes are made will bring more private capital into the market," said Laurie Goodman, VP, Housing Finance Policy Center at the Urban Institute.

A New Home Affordability Estimate: What Share of Housing Stock Can Families Afford? (Video).. Issues in Housing Finance (Video). August. May 1, 2015; Laurie Goodman, Center Director, Housing Finance Policy Center, Urban Institute

Survey shows first-time homebuyers growing weary of short sales In the last few years, the number of single females buying their first home far outnumbered the number of single males. The median household size is two. 75% of first-time buyers had two or more people of any age living in the home. 51% of first-time buyers are in the 25 to 30 age group. .

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